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Summer Enrichment programs

Tennis AllStars Summer Youth Enrichment Program, in collaboration with the St. Ashworth Church is designed to provide physical, academic, civic, and self-enhancing programming to approximately 60 youth, ages 8 - 17 years. Two critical goals of the program are the prevention of obesity in youth and positive decision-making. Youth will engage in healthy (physical and emotional), positive decision-making activities throughout the three program components outlined below. To further empower youth, “male-male” and “female- female” mentoring sessions will be conducted to promote healthy values, self-enhancement, and thoughtful decision making.


Physical Enrichment

Tennis and other physical exercises are interwoven throughout the summer enrichment sessions. Tennis AllStars’ staff will combine basic elements of tennis and physical exercise activities to promote consistent exercise and movement as a means to combat obesity.  Youth will be exposed to activities focusing on healthy eating and positive decision –making about their health. 


Academic/Civic Enrichment

 Using small group arrangements, youth will receive tutoring and mentoring in the areas of math, reading and civics. The goal of the academic enrichment component is to enhance youth’s interest in and understanding of the daily, functional application of academics (math, reading & civics.