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Tennis AllStars after-school, Mobile AllStars Youth Obesity & Healthy Decision-Making program has three components. Each component is infused within all sessions. The first component focuses on increasing participants’ overall physical fitness through tennis and other physically related exercises and skills. The second component emphasizes healthy life-styles education. Materials from two nationally recognized program models, AllStars and KIDZ B.E.A.T are used. AllStars is a decision-making model program designed for youth; KIDZ B.E.A.T., a health enhancing, esteem building program for youth is a preventive program developed through funding from the American Heart Association. Using these two models, student participants will engage in a variety of fun activities to help them learn to make good decisions related to healthy lifestyles and obesity prevention. The third component is the counseling component. Youth participate in structured and supervised activities that encourage them to reflect on culturally specific attitudes, values, and beliefs about exercise, obesity and healthy lifestyles. Parental involvement is highly encouraged.  


The Edge Academy After School

Students participated in the MacD program a type 2 diabetes program funded by Then Ohio Minority Commission of Minority Health.


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