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Scooter's Snack Shack


Scooter’s Snack Shack is a 14 x 6 concession trailer which is self-supporting and only takes up one parking space. We specialize in serving hot and cold drinks (coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate), breakfast sandwiches; (English muffins and croissants) lunch sandwiches (hot dogs, turkey burgers and sloppy Joes etc.)


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Let Scooter's cater your next tennis event.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner

 We are licensed by the State of Ohio and have passed all inspection for our vendor license and have a city permit to service in your ward.

Midwestern Tennis Association

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How It Works


Midwestern Tennis Association (“MID-TAC”) is the Midwest Section of the American Tennis Association (“ATA”-founded in 1916) and has ties to local community tennis organizations in ten Midwestern States (Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin). Member Clubs pay Annual Dues and have a voice in MID-TAC’s development and direction. MID-TAC is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization and its officers and committees are all volunteers.

MID-TAC is an organization that uses tennis as a vehicle to cultivate strong family values. Its organizers believed that athletic competition and good sportsmanship were prerequisites for building good personalities and character. The same beliefs are definitely true for today’s tennis players.



MID-TAC also offers “Junior Tennis Player” Scholarships to help defray the cost of returning juniors who placed 1st or 2nd in their division at the immediate past MID-TAC Annual Championship Tournament. The MID-TAC “Future Leaders” Academic Scholarship, Richard Bradley “Junior Excellence” Scholarship and “PJ” Meadors IV “Apprenticeship Scholarships are also awarded during the Tournament weekend to deserving juniors who meet the qualifications and submit a completed Application for selection. MID-TAC enjoys the support and involvement of many individuals year round, including the “Friends of MID-TAC Juniors” who conduct an Annual Holiday Raffle on behalf of the MID-TAC Junior Scholarship Fund.

The goal of MID-TAC is to become “The Premier Tournament for Juniors and The Preferred Tournament for Adults”. Tennis is a sport for life and all ages can enjoy the game together for a very long time. MID-TAC is committed to making our Annual Championship Tournament a valuable contribution to that experience.


Board President Margaret A. Dorsey


MID-TAC maintains a positive view toward the family and our community and has provided support to its Member Clubs who conduct Junior Development Tennis Programs throughout the Midwest. The MID-TAC Coaches and Instructors Committee (“MCIC”) was formed in November, 2010 and held its first “Coaches Connection @ Lexington, OH Invitational Junior Camp” on December 11, 2010. MCIC has the goal of assisting interested coaches and instructors with their programs and resources through a holistic (mind, body & skills) approach to teaching tennis, thus insuring that qualified junior players are being developed effectively and consistently by our Member Clubs.

MidTac Coaches Connection




The MCC (Mid-tac Coaches Connection) camps will provide a Tier #2 training event tailored specifically to the tournament and high school level player. The camp shall combine both on court competition play along with off court training structured to increase tactical skills, heighten self confidence, increase ones knowledge of health, fitness and the importance of developing a USTA ranking.       





The MCC camp is also a developmental opportunity for existing local tennis coaches who are afforded the opportunity to research a topic, present and lead a session on court or off court. This opportunity and exposure serves to build confidence in the coaches teaching abilities, presentation skills and increase their interest in detailed research on training topics of developmental interest to their players.