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Project MacD (Mobile AllStars Combating Diabetes) is collaborating with Tennis AllStars and The University of Akron.  In our quest to introduce ethnic minority youth to tennis while promoting a healthy lifestyle through education. Partially funded through June 2009 by the Ohio Commission on Minority Health, MacD was especially designed for children residing in low-income communities where Type 2 Diabetes (e.g., obesity, constant physical inactivity, and high fat/low fiber diets) tend to be more pronounced. Since September 2006, MacD has introduced tennis, taught healthy lifestyles, educated and provided multicultural counseling to over 500 minority youth and services to over 2,500 youth at 17 different sites in Akron, Ohio.

After SchoolAfter School

High Schools

Jennings Middle School

227 E. Tallmadge Ave

Akron, Ohio 44310

(330) 761-2002

Riedinger Middle School

70 N. Broadway St.

Akron, Ohio 44308



Middle Schools

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· Youth spend time with positive role models

· Youth get a healthy snack

· Youth bond with community agency/organization

· Youth get more exercise

· Youth are develop with positive peers and norms

· Youth avoid risky behaviors

· Youth are introduced to tennis

· Youth make new friends

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Empowering Youth for Healthy Decision-Making

Elementary Schools

Betty Jane Elementary School

444 Darrow Rd.

Akron, Ohio 44305

Phone: 330-794-4117

Fax: 330-794-6970

Case Elementary School
1393 Westvale Ave.

Akron, Ohio 44313
Office: 330-873-3350

Fax: 330-873-3326

Crouse Community Learning Center
1000 Diagonal Road

Akron Ohio, 44320
Office: 330-761-1625

Fax: 330-761-1371

David Hill Community Learning Center
1060 E. Archwood Ave.

Akron, Ohio 44306
Office: 330-773-1129

Fax: 330.773.7308

North High School
985 Gorge Blvd.

Akron, Ohio 44310
Office: 330-761-2665

Fax: 330.761.2661
School Website:




Roswell Kent Middle School
1445 Hammel St.

Akron, Ohio 44306
Office: 330-773-7631

Fax: 330-773-6442