Mission Statement

Tennis AllStars, Inc. is a program designed to promote positive and healthy decision-making by youth from ages 8 to 18 years who are at risk for making negative decisions that result in detrimental and limiting life choices. Tennis AllStars seeks to positively impact the lives of youth by helping them to address a number of personal and social issues such as obesity, substance abuse, violence, gang activities, and premature sexual activities. An ultimate aim is to aid youth in becoming productive, contributing citizens.




· Prevent harmful behaviors among adolescents.

· Help adolescents build bright futures.


We Provide...


· Prevention programs informing youth of risky behaviors such as substance abuse.

· Youth summer enrichment programs for six week free of charge to the families

· Tennis instructions assisting youth to make new friend, obtaining life skill

· Positive role models

· Community bonding and engagement

· Positive decision making techniques

· Fun learning, age appropriate and culturally sensitive techniques

· Age appropriate after school programs



Provide 2 hrs of tennis daily

Provide academic enrichment

Provide healthy snacks

Provide prevention programs and techniques (drug, violence, sexual activities, bullying and truancy)

Provide positive role models

No cost to families

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